We have been very fortunate to do and see some pretty cool things already in our lives. Until now, I had never taken the time to sit and write down, or even just to think over, a Bucket List. It wasn’t until a day when I was sitting around with a little spare time on my hands that I figured, “Hey, why not”. It was fun to see all the things in this world that still peak my interest, the things I want to experience and see. And now that it is written on paper (or Ipad actually) I realize that I also have to lace up my shoes and start running again, or I am going to be at the tail end of some of those races! Of course all of these will be even more fun getting to experience them with Eben, and through the eyes of our girls. I don’t know when I will get these ticked off the list, but I do know that my list will never get any shorter because as one gets knocked off I will surely find something new and amazing to strive for. 

   Enjoy, and let me know, what’s on your LIST? I may steal one or two!