I often see newcomers to cruising asking that nearly impossible question to answer : How much does it cost to go cruising? Of course the answer to this question will vary from boat to boat, depending on how frugal you may be, how much work needs to be done on your boat, where you plan on cruising, etc.
Our weakness is food, we love to eat out and may do it more often than the next. And so our budget may be a little heavier in that respect. We are horrible of keeping track of our expenses, unless we are in ” boat work mode” where we keep every receipt for all work expenses, but for regular costs of cruising, not so much. I can however make a quick list giving an idea of what certain things cost, here in Luperon, DR (which is cheaper than Bahamas, but this town is also pricier than bigger surrounding cities such as Santiago but cheaper than nearby tourist towns such as Cabarete. It’s a give and take really but it can at least give a slight idea and if you plan on coming to Luperon you may be able to sketch out a rough budget with the help of this:
I have converter all prices to US$ using the conversion rate of 40 pesos to $1 USD.
Grande Presidente beer: $2.00
Rum Punch: $1.25 a glass
Coca Cola: $1.50
Comida tipica meal: $6.25 (chicken, rice, and salad)
Data plans 5gigs (Claro): $59.75
Gas per gallon: $6.25
Propane per gallon (many DR cars run on propane): $2.38
Chicken breast: $4.65
Canned chicken: $2.32
Bacon: $3.95
1 L of Milk: $1.07
Snickers chocolate bar: $1.00
Smokes: $2.12
Rum (Brugal 700ml): $5.75
Wine (Barefoot):$8.75
Pineapple: $1.25
Mango: 5 for $2.00
Loaf of white bread: $2.73
Bag of bun (locally made): $1.25
Batidas: $1.50
Bag of rice: 5lbs $3.25
Can of corn: $1.95
Kraft Dinner: $0.95
Ramen: $0.32
Cereal: $3.97
Quacker Oatmeal box: $3.48
5 gallons Potable water: $1.00 (but can be found for $0.50 at one place)
Shipping costs from US CPS address to here: $4.75 per pound
Off Skintastic: $6.73
Pampers 140px: $39.97
Mooring ball in Harbour: $60/month (negotiable!)
Hope this helps someone out there. If you have any specific questions just ask and I can find out for you.
What you can get for $4 in Canada


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What you can get for $4 in DR!!!