Gone are the days when sun protective clothing needs to be drab. Up until late the market of protective clothing left something to be desired… style. Most of the clothes were baggy and androgynous looking. If I wanted to look like that I could just cover myself in a bed sheet. Now there are a few companies out there that realized that some people not only want to protect their skin with UPF clothes but look good as well, and maybe even show off some curves. And thanks to these companies, fashion and smarts have collided and their offspring is amazing.

   Cabana Life is one of these said companies. They have created a line of clothing that is “beach club chic” with everything from bathing suits, to hats, cover ups and tunics for the women and children of the world. I had a hard time selecting things from their site merely because I wanted it all, I carefully scrutinized everything but what it came down to was “do I spoil myself, or do I spoil the girls?” Their kids bathing suits and tunics are adorable, and somehow they have even managed to make women’s rash guards look sexy.They have created clothing with 50+ UV Protection that will block those rays all the while making you feel beautiful. So the answer to my question, I spoiled myself. Greedy, I know.
   About two weeks ago I received one of their navy blue embroidered tunics and it is lovely. It is a dress that I can wear in my everyday life, not only poolside. It is great to throw on and go out into the sunny day with ease, all the while knowing that I am being protected without having to schmear sunscreen over my ENTIRE body. The material is soft and breathable, and the embroidery around the collar and bottom of the dress adds just the right embellishment without it going “hippy”. There are some gold accented hardware on the ends of the drawstrings that I am keeping a close eye on to see how they handle in our “salty” environment, but if worst comes to worst and I have to remove them, the dress will still be beautiful.
   It is refreshing to find a company like this, that have combined style and protection to create clothing that are within the same price range as your regular everyday clothing. With our constant sun exposure it is only smart to opt for clothing like this now that it is available, so that I don’t end up looking like a shriveled raisin by the time I hit 40.

If you feel like doing some online shopping go check out their site and use the discount code NECESITTY10 to get 10% of your order.