Baby Einstein on a cross country road trip

   I know there are studies out there that say a child should not have any screen time before the age of two so as to have proper development. By screen time they are talking about any screen time, tv, movies, computers, tablets, etc. I can understand this if a parent is using screen time as an electronic babysitter but in our case screen time has been very different, and useful. 
   Arias has been an avid ipad user since around 9 months of age. She even impressed us with her capacity to use this “adult” toy. We found that her using the ipad has been hugely helpful, in times where both parents need to be doing something else (happens sometimes on a boat!), as an teaching tool, or just when she wants to be on her own and entertain herself. 
   She does have some games on the ipad that are simply for having fun, but we mostly strive to have her apps be educational in some manner. These apps have helped her with most skills that kids are learning in school; her reading and writing skills, math, science, languages, geography, but also other matters such as money value, proper manners, religion, and  broadening her cultural horizons. 
   Our ipad is chalked full of games, apps, and books for her and there is no way we could have ever found all of these or afforded them if it weren’t for an amazing website that every person should know about, whether you have children or not. (If you don’t have any of your own I am sure you know of someone to whom this will be extremely useful.) Take note: 
   This website has a “free app of the day” section where you can find some great apps that are either always free or discounted to free for a limited time. Check it regularly and you are sure to come across some real treasure. They have also compiled a list of 100+ free apps. And even have some free apps for parents, educators, and adults in general. I strongly urge every Mac product user to go check them out. We are so thankful that we found this site.