Ever look at your body cut and bruised and wonder what others think is going on? Unless you live on a boat you may not understand, and even if you do, this may not apply to you, maybe I am just a klutz. 
   It seems that ever since I have lived aboard I manage to bump, knock, and bang into things way more often than when I was on land. And it is not because I am new to this boat, we have been aboard for three years now. I know where the boom sits, I know that our hallway has a lowered ceiling, I know that the table juts out, etc. Even so I still manage to walk right into them, stand up into them, injuring myself on a embarrassingly regular basis. 
   I have become accustomed to seeing my body riddled in bruises and luckily for me, my injuries are just that, minor scrapes and bruises. Eben on the other hand, being that he is constantly on a project fixing something and handling all sorts of tools and materials, has been a victim to some larger accidents and cuts, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t also fall prey to that surprise “head against the boom” injury every now and again.