Yesterday we got to celebrate one of our favorite holidays, Halloween. The two reasons we love this time of year so much is 1) people hand out candy!, 2) we really enjoy making our costumes. We are not the type to buy our costumes at the local walmart, because usually we don’t have a local walmart on our islands, and because where is the creativity in that!?
   As a family we have enjoyed halloween in Miami (as Oompa Loompas), in Dominica Republic (as Lawn Gnomes), in Canada (as princesses and a double stuffed Oreo), and this year, in St Thomas (as Day of the Dead). Those princess costumes were the only store bought ones, and that happened because the day of Halloween the girls’ cousin showed up as Elsa and so they absolutely wanted to be princesses too. I think one of the more fun aspects of celebrating halloween in the islands is that you don’t have to wrap your brain around creating a costume that will fit overtop of a snowsuit (like we would have to do in Canada).

   So far the girls have experienced three types of trick or treating. The first being the traditional way, going door to door. Then in the DR we dinghied boat to boat. And this year we took part in the “trunk or treat”, going from car to car. This years was our favorite yet. All the cars that participated lined up, decorated their trunks, and handed out candy to the kids. This eliminated having to walk large distances with the kids, and it also assured you that everyone that was there were participating. None of that going up to a house and wondering if they are “doing” Halloween and handing out candy. We think this is a style of trick or treating that should be adopted everywhere, it was so much easier. 

All the decorated trunks at “Trunk or Treat”

They found their long lost cousin!

Our ladies

The coolest skeleton family, with one on the way!
Previous Years
2014 Halloween in Canada
Princesses and double-stuffed Oreo.
2013 Halloween Dominican Republic
We won “best costume” as Lawn Gnomes.
Dinghy trick or treating, boat to boat.

2012 Halloween Miami
Cutest costume ever, made with duct tape and jiffy marker

2011 Halloween Canada
Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and Tiger Lily, all over warm clothes.

2010 Halloween Canada
Spiderweb, baby spider, and Fly Guy.
Looking through all these pics I definitely feel that our costume making, and picture taking, has evolved over the years. Getting better and better.