Warning: There may be TMI for some in this post, there will be mentions of baby’s “dirty business”
I would love to have Ellia in just a bathing suit running around the beach but for some reason our little one has equated that swim time is also time to do her business, and because of this we often put her in swim diapers when we are off to play in the water. I don’t imagine that many people envision their white sandy beach vacation to come accompanied with baby droppings floating by, so I am doing everyone a favour.
We have tried a few different brands of swim diapers but what always bothered me was the absorbency. I want to keep Ellia’s mess in, but that doesn’t mean that I want her diaper sucking up half the ocean and then having her stuck wearing a diaper that is soggy and hangs low. Planet Wise has come up with a solution. They created their brand of My Baby Swim Diapers which are trim and snug-fitting, designed to hold in the mess and avoid the rest. I think they are wonderful. They simply look like a cute pair swim bottoms (not excessively bulky like most swim diapers appear), and to top it off they have added something wonderful, something I don’t understand why other companies have not attempted. . . they added opening snaps to the one side. That way when Ellia does her dirty business I don’t have to struggle with a squirmy baby and sliding her swim diaper off of her without getting the mess all down her legs, instead just unsnap and remove. Wonderful.
What’s even better is that this company has an amazing business concept as well. They are environmentally friendly, family-oriented, and try and keep their manufacturing locally to help the economy. All pluses in my books.
I HIGHLY recommend these swim diapers to everyone. One word of warning though, they do fit small so I would recommend contacting the company before you place your order to insure you are getting the perfect fit, and let them know you heard about them through us. Thanks and Enjoy.