It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I started drinking coffee. I had moved to Wanaka, New Zealand and started working in a cafe. The Kiwis love their coffee and they make good coffee. I got all of my training there to be a proper barista and figured that since I was working in front of this machine all day making other people’s liquid energy, that maybe I should sample some for myself. I started with Chai lattes, then moved on to actual lattes, then the next thing I knew I was drinking a cappuccino a day. I had grown to love the acquired taste of coffee. I can’t say that I ever craved the stuff, but many years later, with a toddler and an infant waking multiple times through the night, coffee became a very good friend of mine.

   On the boat of our size, having a full on coffee maker is just out of the question. It would be a misuse of space and power. We found that a french press was a good alternative. It didn’t make lattes for me, but it still produced the stuff that would keep me functioning in the daytime, so it would do. Unfortunately for me, in my old age of my 30’s, coffee seemed to irritate my bowels more than anything and I gave the stuff up. I preferred being a little groggy throughout the day than having to make random mad dashes to the washroom as the coffee kicked in. I pretty much went months without it, maybe sneaking a sip from Eben’s every now and again, or occasionally treating myself to a specialty coffee when we would go to land. That was until we got ourselves the Aerobie Aeropress. We came across this magical contraption on a friends boat and I loved how easy it looked to use and how good the coffee that came out of it was. Dumbing it down the Aeropress is a coffee press. But I don’t think it is fair to dumb it down as I am super ImPressed with this thing (hahaha! punny right!) It’s as easy as this, you place a mini-circular filter in the bottom, screw that on to the press, add one scoop of your regular coffee grinds, add hot water (not boiling, 175 degrees to be exact), stir for 10 seconds, put the plunger on and press down slowly (20-60 seconds). What you get is a shot of coffee, like in an Americano, or cappuccino, or latte, that is not bitter from having been boiled and over cooked, that is pure deliciousness. What you do with that shot, add water or milk, is up to you. But we can all say that we taste a definite difference between using the Aeropress rather than a regular french press. And that difference is good. I have found myself drinking coffee again. Now I just have to get used to the jitters that it gives me as my body gets re-accustomed to this liquid energy!
   Now I didn’t just write this post to rant and rave about this new little contraption that is making us delicious coffee to rub it in your face. I thought that it could be fun to do a give-away and send an Aerobie Aeropress to one of our readers as a thank you for your constant support and visits to our blog. So here is how we will do this. Once you have finished reading this post (which I hope you would have done even without the give-away!)  make sure you have “liked” our FB page and comment BELOW and telling us: 
If you were to win the Aeropress and had to model (with the press) for an advert picture, what would it look like? *Caution, I will most likely request the winner actually act out said scene and send us the picture to be posted on our facebook page!* 

From the comments we will RANDOMLY select a winner by 8pm on Saturday, April 25, 2015.  I will then post the winners name on our Facebook page and contact them via pm, and the winner will have 24hours to get in touch with me with their shipping address to claim the prize. If the winner fails to contact us within those 24hours they will have forfeited their win and another random winner will be selected. This give-away is only open to people with shipping addresses to the U.S. or Canada. Let the fun begin!! (I look forward to reading your comments!)

Here are all the pieces to the press, and they all fit nicely into an included bag.

Eben loves modelling for products!!