If you enjoy photography and are looking to add something to your Christmas wish list, or just want to spoil yourself and buy yourself an awesome gift, look no further.

   While we were back in Canada we spoiled ourselves with a new camera but we were missing one key piece that would make it so I would bring the camera everywhere with me. A proper carrying bag. We used to have this huge stinkin bag that carried our cameras, camcorder, and all the attachments, but it was such a burden that we never used it and always found ourselves wrapping our DSLR in a towel and putting it in a backpack. That was not ideal!

   So I went on the hunt for something better. My requirements were that it needed to be small, practical, and inconspicuous. I didn’t want to look like a tourist with a big honkin camera and I didn’t want to look to flashy, because those people get mugged!

   I found what I was looking for in the Lowepro 16L photo hatchback. It looks like a small day backpack, has plenty of room for other stuff needed on excursions (sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, iPad, etc), and has your camera and accessories nearly hidden in the backside (resting on your back) of the pack. And if ever you don’t want that whole bag, the camera area pulls out and can be carried like a handbag. There were two colour options, bright orange and grey. I debated a bit, simply because orange is eben’s favourite colour, but decide on grey because it’s not as flashy. I contacted Lowepro, confirmed our camera fit in it (different cameras may require different bag sizes) and within a week we had one!

   I have found no downside to this bag and am so happy we have it. I find myself taking our camera out off the boat a lot more often. Which, for how much we spent on that camera we better use it to its worth!

Don’t mind the dark spots, I was just wearing the backpack with a wet bathing suit