Here are some more pictures of What We’re Doing Back In The DR (Live Different). The first few are from inside a home that we take the participants to visit and take part in a half day “Day In The Life” where they cook, clean, and spend time with a family who’s house is still in an “original” state. This is to help them understand what daily life is like for these people, to learn from them, and for the participants to see how much the work that the are doing can help a community.

**21 pictures down** If you are an animal lover you may find this picture difficult and want to skip it over. Many of the dogs here are in a horrible state, I wanted to show this reality.

**All the other pictures** If you are a human lover you may find these picture difficult and want to skip them over. Many of the people here live in hard conditions, I wanted to show this reality.

The bathroom
Such a happy boy
A single bed for their three sons, ages 9, 6, and 2
teaching the Gringos how to “properly” hand wash clothes
The barril is to store water since the houses water is sporadic

Our rides to and from the work sites
starting to smooth coat the exterior walls

a clear difference between this area and the next 
if you are an animal lover, look away, this is what many of them look like out here
this one is for sale 

These two again

But it can’t all be work. There are a few outings with the groups. These guys went to a beach, a river tour, a different kind of petting zoo, and out for supper.

Of course if there is a cliff to jump from, Eben will find it
River tour

brave girl
she’s not so sure about it