Today was the day when all the hard work paid off when we got to see the beautiful faces of the people receiving the keys to their new homes. The community gathered in crowds to watch as the Live Different participants told how this experience has touched them in many different ways, to give thanks, and to witness four families enter their rebuilt houses for the first time. 
   It was definitely a bitter sweet moment, for us and the participants, as we experienced the excitement and love, all the while knowing that this very well be the last time we see these people. Unless, we take this upcoming position, which would mean our family would become very familiar with this community and the friends we have made here.
   It is difficult to explain all the many words that could describe today, and so one final picture montage of our experience is what you get. These photos were taken today, as the keys were handed over, as the teams and the community gave thanks to each other, and as we all parted ways.

all the other houses were being painted, so they repainted theirs
the house that Eben’s team worked on

first time seeing the completely finished product
another new and finished home
all are brightly painted
prepping the inside of the home with donations, new furniture, and food
mutually giving thanks
Frantzo and Sandra (DR team leader and community leader)
team pink

the family receiving the home Eben’s team worked on
she has her keys in hand and a pic of the team that built her home for her
first time unlocking her new home
she was so worried she was going to get paint on her
Gustavo, the contractor for team pink
Eben’s team, the translator, contractor, and team leader

one more goodbye
a little fun to finish it off
end of the day pow-wow