It must be summer approaching that has put a little fire under everyone’s behind to get back into swimsuit shape because all I have seen lately are blog posts and Facebook statuses about everyone’s workouts. Although some cruisers we have met do stick to a pretty tight workout regime, that is not our case. Living on a boat is a physically demanding job, but it comes in bursts of strength required, it is not something that will keep you toned and in shape. When you are not doing boat work you can even find yourself getting Numb Bum from sitting around and growing soft around the waist from the Happy Hour beverages. On our boat we don’t dedicate a certain amount of hours or days to staying fit, that is just too difficult to schedule with the girls and our unpredictable life, but instead we jump at the opportunity to join in any activity that can keep us moving.

Discovering a new trail (Luperon, DR).
   In the Bahamas, Eben used to play beach volleyball daily, in the morning, with the “competitive” players. This was his sure fire way to balance out the drinks and fried food of the Bahamas. I found myself losing the baby weight just running after the girls on the beach. Other ways that we have found and enjoyed to keep in shape while enjoying the cruising life have been joining the cruisers’ baseball teams, Stand Up paddle boarding, swimming, spear fishing, walking (I love it, eben does not), and, our favorite, hiking.
   The fun thing about hiking and sailing is that there is always somewhere new to discover. We’ve always enjoyed hiking, while dating, during my pregnancies, and now with the children in tow.  (that is also how we got engaged). Hiking with the girls only adds to our workout since now we each have a child strapped to us with a baby/child carrier, adding to our poundage to carry. With children you definitely need the right equipment to make it enjoyable. Eben carries Arias on his back in the Sherpani, and I have Ellia strapped to me in the Ergobaby. We have enjoyed many a hike strapped up like this and look forward to hitting some hills while here in the DR. Pico Duarte is one we would definitely do if it were just the two of us, but since it is a three-day hike up Dominicans tallest mountain, we may have to settle with only doing a shorter portion of it for the sake of the girls.
Side note, I have been considering (on and off) starting running again, which is something I used to do regularly and enjoyed a lot, to drop off those last few baby pounds. I will have to see if I can conquer my lack of motivation and what I see as the greatest obstacle, the Dominican summer heat.

Going way back, this was our weekend hike when we got engaged (Jasper, AB)
Eben and I both rock climb, not with babies on us of course (Ontario)
Sometimes I wish someone would carry me around. (Georgetown, Bahamas)
Small hike 9 months pregnant with Ellia (Georgetown, Bahamas)
Most Rewarding Hike.
Hanakapiai Trail. We hiked to the first waterfall (Napali Coast, Kauai, HI)
Spear fishing. A workout, and rewarding.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding, with a workout buddy along for the ride.
Beach Volleyball (Georgetown, Bahamas).
Yukon Burbons team. Cruisers vs Locals.
Arias getting ready for her very first Duathalon. She won her division! (Georgetown, Bahamas)