In sailing when you fly a yellow flag you are “quarantined”. This is not as scary as it sounds, it is actually used when you are entering a country and have not checked in with the local authorities yet, or if you are not planning on leaving your boat and are simply passing through. But how is it that you end up quarantined on a boat when you have already been in a country for five months? By choice.
   Yesterday my three year old told me she wanted to go lie down in my bed and “rest”. This was an instant sign that something was up. By mid day she was ill and it did not let up until this morning. At first I thought maybe it was just her, but later in the evening the sickness struck me as well, and then Jaala also felt queasy. So what did we do? We hunkered down in bed and rested, all day long.
   Although I much would have rathered spending the day on the beach with friends enjoying a few mixed drinks, instead we quarantined ourselves so as to not spread the “bug” that had attacked up. We did not have to fly our yellow flag but I think most people in the harbour knew what was going down on our boat.
   Thankfully I had Eben and Jaala that could help with entertaining Ellia while I was out of commission, and our friend Brittany even lent a helping hand since Ellia was needing her “Isla” fix for the day.
   As of today, Arias has more color in her face, by the evening I was feeling good again, but unfortunately Eben got heat stroke. With this on and off sickness flooding our boat our departure date for islands south has been set back once again but we would much prefer sailing with a healthy crew than one that was sick even before hitting the waves.

Ps. I’m not including pictures because we have not been looking pretty over the past two days!