We have been enjoying our time on the beach and hanging out with friends so much that the days have been flying by. The problem with not keeping track of the calendar is when the flotilla that you have been planning on traveling south with reminds you that that departure date that once seemed so far away (May 1st!  We thought we had way too much time on our hands) is now a mere three days away. As soon as we realized this the pressure was on. All those jobs that were only half done, or those things that we had been putting off till the end had finally come to slap us in the face. It’s time to get them done if we want to leave with this group all sailing out soon. 
   For sure we DO NOT want to make the mistake of pressuring ourselves and stressing to leave before we are fully comfortable with the way everything is, but there is a comfort to knowing that we could be traveling south with a couple other boats at our side.
   At the moment we are checking the weather regularly, as there is some sort of “wave” that has been growing up north that we want to keep an eye out for, so we can decide if we want to leave before or after it, or if it will travel south at all. But the fact the NOAA, Chris Parker, and other weather sources have noted it means that this weather wave is at least causing a little bit of a stir.
   Our list of things we want to do before our departure is fairly long and we will do our best to get them done before Wednesday but if we don’t, we will ere on the side of safety and check for the best weather window for our family, flotilla or not.
   I have had tumultuous emotions today with the realization that our departure could be very soon. With the possibility of leaving some awesome friends here in Georgetown, and a pack mule delivery gone wrong, I shed more than a few tears. But within the week we could be starting a whole new adventure.