Sometimes our hair just needs a little trim, or we need to chop off the dead ends caused by the constant sun and salt water, or it’s due to the fact that both our daughter’s hair naturally grows into a mullet and we need to solve that asap. Whatever the reason we don’t see the sense in paying money to get their hair shortened by an inch or two, especially when we can do it ourselves. As for eben’s hair a quick buzz cut with the clippers will suffice. And my hair, well if ever we are back in Canada I will get it cut there, but we did not have time on this last trip, and then eben will keep it trimmed for me the rest if the year.

   Eben is our usual boat stylist but since he was busy with another project, and I was too impatient to wait, I took over the scissors. Yesterday I sat the girls down and attacked their hair, one by one. To keep Ellia, our active 22 month old, sitting still we brought out her baby doll and a couple stuffed animals for her to watch, play with, and style their non existent hair. Thank goodness for a child’s imagination. As for Arias, a movie on the ipad was all she needed to keep her still. 
   I only took an inch or so off of Ellia’s hair, as I still want to be able to tie it up, but her ends were horribly dry, no matter how much leave-in condition I regularly apply to her hair. For Arias’ hair I brought it back up to above the shoulder length since it had grown out a fair bit since her last haircut by Eben. 

   Both girls look pretty cute, if I may say so myself, and all thanks to a quick “how to” tutorial and some patience on their behalf. I wanted Eben to trim my hair too since we had everything out and there were already little chopped hairs all over the boat floor, but we were tight on time and baby bedtime was nearing, so my makeover awaits. Yes we did cut their hair inside the boat, usually we find a beach or go sit outside on the back of the boat, but the wind was a bit too strong and would have been problematic causing for a grumpy “sit still” cut rather than the quicker fun trim that they got.

sitting patiently, talking with her dolls

giving the baby a makeover
final result. no more dead ends

a movie to sit still

final result