With friends coming to visit, and blog followers/future Baja travelers reaching out, I’ve realized that we have collected quite a few “must-see” spots in our Southern tip of Baja. With each visitor or email, we have a list of things that we can recommend, and that we have done ourselves.

These are spots and activities that each time we have a friend come to visit we want them to have this experience to return home with. Some of the things that make Baja so special.

The Baja Peninsula is full of amazing adventures to be had by everyone, from solo travelers to family travelers.

I will, however, only focus on what we know best. That is, the things that we like to do in Todos Santos and the nearby cities of La Paz and Los Cabos (Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo).

I’ve broken it down into five groups of interests. You’ll find that you fall into at least one, if not many of them. These are the top reasons you should make Baja California Sur your next vacation spot.



Flying into Cabo (SJD) is a pretty easy, and often cheap, flight from many North American hubs. We have friends and family that can hop on direct flights from Canada (!!!) to come to visit us. Shorter flights and easy routes are an obvious plus for traveling families.

There’s also the weather. There’s a reason that the “snowbirds” flock this way in the winter. Baja California Sur is pretty temperate. It is the perfect spot to relax on the beaches, go for desert hikes, and explore the towns.

Another location “win” is that Cabo, Todos Santos, and La Paz are all only a few hours apart. With Todos Santos right in the middle (lucky for us, we live there!). And a bonus, the roadways between each town are paved and well maintained. ROAD TRIP!


Marine Life

If you’re into marine life, this is the spot for you. There’s a reason Jacques Cousteau named The Sea of Cortez “The Aquarium of the World”. Depending on the season you are visiting in, there are so many opportunities to get up close and personal with an array of marine life here.

In La Paz, you can swim with Whale Sharks and Sea Lions.

We went as a family and did a full-day trip (whale sharks and sea lions) with the Cortez Club. They also do excursions to swim with Manta Rays, and scuba diving with hammerheads, which we haven’t done yet.

In Todos Santos you can release baby sea turtles into the ocean. (Which we have done SO MANY times!) And IN NOVEMBER you can pack a blanket, go sit on the beach, and witness the largest whale migration in the world. Watching whales breach during the sunset is magical.


Beach Adventures

Being that Baja is a peninsula, it is gifted with a huge array of beaches. You have the roaring Pacific beaches that attract the surfers in droves, to the more tranquil beaches on the Sea of Cortez side.

Whether you are looking to float around in three feet of teal water at Playa Balandra, or itching the learn to surf or boogie board in the waves of Playa Cerritos, Baja Sur has something for the entire family.

Some of the beaches have amenities (beach bars, restaurants, shops), whereas others you may not see anyone for miles. Research the beaches and pack accordingly so that you are fully beach ready.

Throw in a couple of cliff-top hikes, kayaking and snorkeling expeditions, and everyone will have their fill.




From local cuisine to high-end fusion, we have it all.

When we first moved to Todos Santos we were told that this little pueblo had 72 registered restaurants! That’s just the registered ones!!! Who knows how many we are up to now. It’s a FOODIES paradise.

We have our favourite fish and pork taco stands. We also have those fancier places which we reserve for special occasions. Every budget and every palate is catered to. From the picky eaters to the daring, the low cost to the lavish. Baja’s got you.

And it’s not like we could recommend just one. You will find eaters and fine dining everywhere, in every nook and side street of all of these towns. The food is good.


Exploring the Towns

La Paz, Todos Santos, and Los Cabos all have things that have us bringing our visitors to see.

Walking the waterfront of La Paz and stepping into the little cafes is fun for a “slow day” of exploring.

There’s the hustle and bustle of the “big city” of Cabo. There you will find all sorts of tourist attractions, excursions, shops, restaurants, bars, and vendors. There are busy beaches and even waterparks.

If you happen to get rain, or the heat is just too much for you, Cabo has an air-conditioned mall, which also has a movie theatre with the Platino VIP experience.

The other part of “Los Cabos” is San Jose, where you will find the quaint Historic District. It is worth walking through. Hit it up on an Art Walk night. You will be surrounded by folks equally enjoying the galleries, vendors, and food.

Our Pueblo Magico (Magic Town) of Todos Santos has held on to its small-town appeal. But still has plenty to offer with its shops, restaurants, cafes, and galleries. There is a perfect picture around every corner. Come enjoy the food, drinks, and to do your souvenir shopping.


Come Visit…

The people in Baja are super welcoming. The culture here is a bit different than the rest of Mexico due to the history of the peninsula. Add to that the migrations of adventure enthusiasts, chefs, and artists; together it has created a beautiful culture of locals and expats that makes each location fun and unique. 

If you happen to come down during any sort of celebration (of which there are many: fairs, holidays, races, shows) you are in for some extra fun!

Lastly, we’re here…so send us a message if you end up in our little area of the world. We can bring you to those taco stands…I also know where all the Happy Hours happen in town!