“Baby steps” can sometimes feel like the hardest; especially in our current scenario where we just want to get a move on this new eco-home build. In our minds we aren’t moving fast enough towards this project, but then we have to remind ourselves, this is going to take time, A LOT of time, and we need to take it as it comes.

In Edmonton we bought this travel trailer that we intend on living in while building our future home. The trailer was in need of some love, nothing huge, but definitely a fixer-upper (when will we ever stop buying fixer-uppers!). It took us two days to move the thing from Edmonton to Golden, and now that we have plopped it into the spot where it will stay during the build, we have been attacking one project after the next.



But they are all trailer projects, not “home” projects. It feels almost unbearable that we have been in Golden, BC for a several days now but we have not cut down one single tree (on our future home property that is). Instead we have been super busy just getting ourselves set up. We also have other time suckers, like kids to care for, homeschooling to do…but luckily for us we have a super loving family that has been hosting us for every meal, saving us cooking time. This is also extremely helpful as we try and figure out our trailer living situation and getting ourselves on our feet where cooking and cleaning haven’t quite been sorted out yet.

So far we have(and by we I mean mostly my extremely talented husband Eben has): 1) unpacked (that was a two day process, pulling our stuff out of storage, figuring out what we need in the trailer vs in the house, and then finding storage spots for everything in the trailer), 2) worked on the solar setup/battery bank (currently not an awesome one but we still need some power until we upgrade), 3) the water system (we have a water pump that is constantly pumping), 4) setup a shed for tool storage, 5) built a poop composting bin, and 6) now working on installing a toilet.


Tight spaces are not a challenge for this guy!


We have been loving the extra family time, the added freedom that the girls get of running off and playing in the woods, the comfort our family feels when living in small spaces (for real!), and the excitement of “planning” a home build. We have been spending a lot of time with the fam, hanging out and helping out with communal tasks like chopping and stocking wood for the upcoming winter.



Helping out where we can! I traded in my workout for wood tossing.


We CANNOT wait until we get to “break ground”, get our hands dirty, cut down some trees, and get the ball rolling on this home building process, which inevitably needs to happen soon, before the ground freezes and we are find ourselves back on a plane towards our sailboat where we’ll spend the winter months. But I keep telling myself that even if we get barely any work done on the “home build”, at least we will have had this extra time with the family and we will have a pretty-well set up trailer for when we return in the Spring.