The weather. For the past week we have a small flotilla of boats waiting on the next weather window to head to Puerto Rico from Luperon. To do so safely, and with the least amount of baby throw-ups possible, we are waiting for the wave direction to change. Our sailing guidebook recommends not leaving in any Northern wave component, whatsoever. That is all that we have been receiving for the last while, that and winds out of the East, meaning wind right on the nose and waves that would be pushing us into the island and all its rocky shores. No thanks. So we wait. For some, their brains have switched gears and they are no longer in “waiting out hurricane season’ mode they are now in “go” mode and we’re starting to hear “we’ve got to get out of here”. We wait. We look at the weather daily and check with others to see if we all have the same info. We hope for something to open up, but we stay on the safe and smart side. We are sailing our home, not a race boat, and our crew consists of our family, not professionally trained tacticians. We will not be rushed just for the sake of leaving. The only thing we do hope for is that a window does show before our friend, and crew, Kurtis, has to head back to the states. It would be wonderful, and extremely helpful, doing another sailing trip with him, rather than having to look for new crew once he departs, but we wait and we consider our options.
   Instead of sitting around obsessively looking at weather forecasts we have been finding things to keep us busy. More walks to the blowholes, more time on the beach, more boat projects to start and finish, more boaters’ get-togethers, more visits from friends we didn’t think we could squeeze in, more sundowners, more time enjoying the Dominican.
   With all this “more” time we will have to do another fill of our water tanks and another provisioning trip as we are slowly eating our way through all our stores of food, and possibly do another run to nearby towns to pick up packages and to say goodbye to friends, again. Yes we would like to get sailing again, sooner than later, but we have no complaints about this extra waiting, we’re are still living in the Caribbean, practicing our spanish, enjoying friends, and suntanning our hineys.

This is what this upcoming week is looking like

Plenty of projects to keep him busy