This is what we (mostly Eben) has been up to while we wait for our weather window.

Sorry to all the neighbouring boats we’ve been bugging with random “work” sounds

African Mahogany to do finished edges

Installing a door by our aft bedroom (yes that is nailpolish on Eben’s fingers,  Arias had fun)
one more coat of varnish and it will be done

looks almost identical to the existing wood

Painted the v-birth headliner
“BEFORE” the old floor slats
new varnished mahogany floor slats
A much better fit for our boat

the final result. now to redo the rest of the floor

Outdoor cushions for a friend’s boat
replacing fans that died in the night

Mahogany pieces for our new Nav lights

made slanted for optimal light
fiberglassing to install a leecloth in the aft bedroom
lee cloth holders installed
lee cloth enclosed bed, a nice quiet spot and no need to worry about her rolling out of bed

does she feel trapped?

custom door handles

one more coat of varnish and done