Yet another upside to living in the DR is that their Mother’s and Father’s Day don’t fall on the same date as our Canadian ones, meaning we get to celebrate it twice. This was a good thing for me because our Canadian Father’s day celebration was a complete flop. I can’t even remember if we did anything special for it, which obviously goes to prove that it was a “fail”.

   Eben is an amazing father and we wanted to make sure that he felt all of our love, so when Dominican Father’s day rolled around we celebrated our man a little better. It just so happened that we had a group of volunteers here at the same time, so Eben had to go to the worksite that day, while I stayed home with the girls. This made “surprising” him a whole lot easier. And I had two little partners in crime to make all the gifts with.

   Over breakfast I asked the girls what they thought we should buy Eben as a gift. This is what I got.

Me: What do you guys think we should by Papa for Father’s day?
Arias: Umm, toothpaste and chips.
Me: Oh, ok.
Arias: Wait, no. Toothpaste and pants. No, wait, he likes chips. Lets get him toothpaste and chips.

   So that is what he got. Toothpaste and chips. Even though they are laughable gifts I could not go against what she had set in her heart!

   The rest of the day we spent “crafting”. Making all sorts of fun stuff, made with love, that could accompany his gifts. These included a couple of special cards, two personalized quizzes, and a heart shaped drawing. We also made some fun shadow-art and then hijacked his facebook to change his cover photo with the one that we created. You will see from the pics that it turned out as a good picture, but the making of was a lot less “romantic” than you may picture it. Check out the pick for the explanation. (I also promised him a date night, sans-kids, which is still in the works. Need to get a babysitter!)

   Even though the gifts were not of huge money value, we know he appreciated every one of them, and thanked us with post-worksite sweaty hugs. And we accepted them, that’s how much we love him.

Thank you Eben for being the father that you are. You make me so proud. I love you.

Check out the answers to the quizzes the girls filled out about their Papa, pretty funny.

this is the pic we put on his facebook
This is how the shadow was made, lots of cutting out, string taped on to get the center of the letters to hold, and lots of yelling from our girls that the sand was burning their feet. And I also had to take way too many pictures of this to get the right shot since the girls kept fidgeting and the wind kept flopping the sign around.