As our babies are getting bigger there are more and more activities that they want to join in on. The ones that used to be reserved to just “big people”. Well Arias took another first step into the “big people” world last week when she decided to join Eben on her first snorkelling adventure.

   First things first, Eben took a few minutes in the bedroom explaining to, and showing, Arias how to hold the snorkel in her mouth. Then we had to find a mask to fit her tiny face. Then they were off to the swimming pool for a bit of a flat-water tester. She did so good. With mask and snorkel on it didn’t take her long before she was swimming around unassisted in the pool. Once she looked like she had the hang of it and that she wouldn’t freak out by a rogue wave filling her snorkel and mouth with salt water, we figured she was ocean-ready. 

   With the paddle board under his arm, Eben led Arias down to the beach and then they were off on their father-daughter adventure. They paddleboarded to the nearby reef and then snorkelled around admiring all of the little fishies there. Of course, I had a few mommy-worries…how would she handle it, would she freak out, would it be too much for her. But Eben said she was a pro. 

   Eben filmed their adventure on the GoPro and I was so proud to see our little baby, now big girl adventurer, snorkelling around the reef pointing out all the cool things she was seeing for the very first time. Such a cool experience. I can’t wait to see what kinds of crazy, mommy-scaring, adventures she is going to get in to when we move back on to the boat, now that she has this new skill in the bag. She has already asked Eben for a pole spear for her birthday so that she can go catch some fish (supper) with him.

first lets understand the concept of breathing
then Eben assisted her briefly
And off she goes
Arias is laying on the board between Eben’s legs
Here’s the video of her first snorkelling adventure with Eben!