S/V Salty is fast becoming the family fun boat. Not only can they accommodate us and a slew of other people on their boat, all at once, but with the size and strength of it the boys have started to find all sorts of ways that we can go from the boat into the water. There was the famous Spreader Jumps that the guys all partook in last week, and then yesterday we leapt into the halyard swing and the boat launch. I am starting to think that we are going to have to start training for our very own sailboat-sport Olympics!

   Yesterday the guys started off with the halyard swing, and then the kids wanted to join, and finally all the mommies gave it a go too. I was extremely impressed that Arias had the courage to do it, but once she did she was on a roll. She would swing off, swim around to the back of the boat, and run back in line for her next turn. Even little Ellia found some courage and let us throw her off the side of the boat a couple of times. And I think the girls were pretty impressed that I found the guts to try it too…I am a wimp (when it comes to cooler water!)

This is what the swinging looked like:

The Baby Swing:

The Boat Jump and Baby Toss:

And the Mommy Jump