We had heard from many people that Waterlemon is a must see in St John, so we wanted to make sure to hit it up before leaving the island. There are only like a dozen mooring balls here, but luckily for us, a lot of boats just come here for a quick snorkel around the island and then head out again. So if ever you get here and all the moorings are taken, just float around for half an hour and one will surely free up. 

   I have to say that Waterlemon cay is much smaller than I expected. It is pretty much a rock cliff on a sandbar. But people flock here for the snorkelling. The underwater life we got to see included sting rays, turtles, an octopus, and a ton of fish, coral, and sea urchins. I can see why a lot of people come here to snorkel, letting the current around the island pull you along. But for me, snorkelling is not something I appreciate to its fullest. Swimming alone in this whole other, intruding on these creatures homes, with tunnel vision from my goggles, I find it slightly creepy. I always laugh when I catch myself checking behind me to see if I am being stalked by anything that might think I look tasty!
   In the early evening we went on land to for a hike up to the ruins of an old sugar cane plantation. This place is well maintained, with educational signage along the way, explaining how everything worked back in St John’s sugar cane glory. The ruins are intriguing to walk through, and the view from the hill top, of the bay and surrounded islands is quite spectacular. We could see St John, Jost, and Tortola from this one spot.
   One wonderful thing about Waterlemon, especially after how we have been spending the last few nights, is that there is no rolley wake sending our boat wobbling this way and that. THANK YOU!