Day 6 (total km’s for day 6: 137 km)
-No one was ready to leave our sanctuary of the Pashan Garh so we took the morning off of driving and lounged by the pool drinking fancy mojitos.
-We drove around, in many circles, in Satna looking for parts to fix what the last mechanic thought our problem was. We stopped at yet another mechanic to install this new piece, while Avi who was ridiculously sick with Delhi Belly, struggled through the hours.
-Drove in to Rewa late in the night as a huge rain and lightning storm came down on us. We figured out very quick that it is impossible to know the depth of a pothole when it is full of water. We were soaked and could barely see 10ft in front of us because of all the rain. We stopped at the first roadside hotel we found.
Day 7 (total km’s for day 7: 252 km)
-About halfway through our day we realized we had lost our gas tank cap at our last refuel stop, but this is also when it dawned on us that had not had any rickshaw issues in that same time. So we deducted that our rickshaw bog-downs were due to a fuel cap that was causing too much suction in our tank not providing enough fuel in 4th gear. As simple as that!
-We drove in to the crazy streets of Varanasi. As you get closer and closer to the ghats the roads get tighter and tighter, and more and more packed with people, cars, and cows. They are not meant for regular driving and only crazy people (or foolish ones like us) choose to drive here. We bumped some 4×4’s bumper, but no damage was done. Who drives a 4×4 in those road conditions anyways!

-After checking in to our hotel we walked along all the ghats on the Gange river. This is one of the holiest spots in India, where locals and foreigners alike flock. We watched people bathe in the river, washing away their “sins”, we walked by a cremation ghat, where two bodies were being burned and would soon be ashed into the river, we secretly watched as Sadhus (holy men) gave blessings or yelled at bystanders, and we watched a fire show at the furthest ghat. For our walk back to our hotel we braved the windy back alleys of this area of Varanasi and were happy to have Avi (who had been here before) to guide us along.

Enjoying our final hours at the Pashan Garh hotel

The road was a little muddy that day

We felt pretty small
Chai stop to warm up
View of the gorge

roadside shave anyone?

Laundry in the river

Some of our beds were questionable and I was happy we had these with us!

The bridge we took into Varanasi, while the other one is being built

I was scared our tires were going to puncture

As we crossed the bridge this is where google maps placed us, right in the Ganges!
Getting their heads shaved before they visit the Gange river

People swimming in the Ganges

cremations underway

This Sadhu was yelling at everyone and making quite the scene

The sign says it all!