It’s that time of the year again, where everyone from our home country (Canada) gets to feel a little bit of the warmth that live in year round. That may sound like I am rubbing it in, but trust me, I am not.


We live in the sun, all the time…downside, I will look like I am 60 years old by my late 30’s where as the rest of you will be maintaining your youthful looks a little bit longer than me! I have not given up though, there are many products/brands out there that we love, that keep us protected from the sun, and are helping to keep me (and our kids) from getting too wrinkly before need be.
With summer in full swing I wanted to share some of these with you guys, our marvellous readers, so that you can get the best protection as well.



We are long time lovers of this brand. It feels like their products are made with us in mind. They have two lines of sunscreens, one for winter sports and one for water sports. (Because the sun reflects off of these elements in different ways you need different types of protections.) Before they had just their white zinc based face creams, but they have recently added some new products to their line and we love those too. They have a new body sunscreen and this is the BEST smelling sunscreen we have ever worn. It smells a bit like cologne, that suits both men and women, and it smells soon good. We have even had others asking us what that great smell was. They also now have a brown zinc face cream, so you don’t have to feel like you are hiding your current tan. And a lip sunscreen, which is smartly paired with their zinc face cream container making it so you have all your face protection in one tiny and practical container.


Who hasn’t heard of this great company. They love being in the sun just as much as us and have made their slogan, “Protect Your Lazy Ass”, which sounds about right! These guys have everything you need to protect your skin from SPF15-50, and also Cool Down creams in case you forgot to reapply! Their sunscreens smell like summer-in-a-bottle, or pina coladas, however you want to see it (those are synonymous aren’t they!). They also have their Baby Bum line, which we especially love for our sensitive-skinned daughters, which is being reformulated to offer kids the best protection for their young skin (this stuff smells like cupcakes according to our girls). New to their products is a line of hair products to wash and protect that hair of yours, which spends just as much time in the sun as your skin does. So protect it all and go have fun in the sun.
The girls love sunscreen time!


Pepper’s Sunglasses

We can not have enough of these sunglasses. First of all, they are polarized, which is perfect for sailing and needing to be looking at the water. Second, they are totally affordable! It is not often that you can find a sunglasses brand where you don’t mind buying 2-3 pairs because the price is right. Third, they have styles for everyone. Literally. Their site is extensive with the amounts of styles of sunglasses they offer (for sports, floating, style, metals, plastic, it goes on and on.). And lastly, their warranty and customer service is great. We love sunglasses but the salt water lifestyle is rough on them, so it is nice to know that these guys have our backs and will help us keep our sunglasses looking amazing, and keep us looking amazing too! Eben has tested out the floating ones, which we use when we go out on the SUP, and he said, “It’s great finally having a pair that I don’t mind playing in the water with, they float!”
They float!


These glasses used to be reserved for the littlest of kids and I was sad when our daughters outgrew theirs. So I was so excited to learn that they have now added “junior” sizes. These kids sunglasses have great style while protecting the little ones eyes from the sun. But our favourite part about them is how bendy the arms are. Forget those rigid sunglasses that kids always fuss with, these ones have flexible arms so they don’t squeeze your kids’ brain or annoy them. Our girls love their. And anyone who can make a product that looks this cute, protects them, and that they want to wear, I am totally on board with!

Bathing Suits

Now I spend my days in bikinis (mostly Victoria Secret’s…have you ever looked at their swimwear line, it is surprisingly affordable and for many different body types), but if I could find swimwear as cute as the ones our girls get to wear, in my size, I would totally wear these.


The swimwear that this company makes is absolutely adorable and definitely stands out from the crowd. They have managed to make rashguards that are so stylish that you want to wear them as much as a fashion statement as for sun protection. It makes it doubly fun that our girls get to look so darn cute while I know that they are getting UPF+50 UV protection. We have had many of our friends ask us if they make them in adult sizes, they are that cute. And the other day we were at the pool and I noticed another little girls across the pool and knew right away that she was wearing Sunuva, they stand out that much. We just absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this brand.
They even make cute clothes

Snapper Rock

Here is another line of sun protective swimwear that I would wear if it fit me! How is it that the kids get the best styles! I love that their swimwear is age appropriate. This may sound weird, but I find it weird seeing kids in teeny tiny bikinis. These guys sell all sorts of swimwear from long sleeved to bikinis, but even their bikinis have enough skin coverage in my mind. The bathing suits are tasteful and adorable designs on them. Their design team definitely knows what they are doing because they have created an array of swimsuits that I had the hardest time choosing between. If I could I would get all of them. They are definitely worth checking out.
Hope this helps out and gives at least gives you a starting point when you are looking for ways to protect your skin, and that of your little ones, from the summer (or year-long) sun. 

Sidenote: some of these products are now sponsors of ours, but only because WE reached out to them and expressed our LOVE for their products and they chose to make us Brand Ambassadors. So proud that they accepted us and we get to represent them.