It’s been over a month that I have posted anything. As New Year’s Eve has come and gone, I wonder why haven’t I posted more.

It feels like not much happened in our last year as we fell into our landlocked life with all its routines. With social media showing us daily everyone else’s highlights, it makes us feel pretty “blah”. But chatting about it last night, Eben and I came up with numerous highlights that make 2019 more than a nothing year.


This time last year Eben and I were actually in Argentina celebrating our 10 year anniversary. During the trip we often laughed thinking “what have we done, this place seems so similar to where we live in Canada, and it’s super cold”, looking back on it now, it was a pretty epic trip. The food, the wine, the traveling around with friends. It was a good trip. My stomach remembers it well.


In April we took a trip back to Canada to visit family and friends, check up on our property, and renew some documents. In that time we got to play in the snow, hug our loved ones, and sell the yurt structure (which we realized had been sitting in storage all this time and would better off sold to someone who would put it to use).

Good Grades

In July both our girls were awarded certificates by their school for getting top grades. Proud parent moment!


Also in July, we all went to the USVI to visit our friends there that we love and miss. We have a great community of friends there from back in our sailing days. Our last two years on the sailboat we lived in the USVI. During our visit, we had tea parties and beach days, pool parties and beach days. We soaked up as much of that Caribbean sun, sea, and sand as we could.

We Bought Land In Mexico

In September we got deeds to our land here in Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico. Although it felt like it took forever for this to happen, from start to finish it was only about a 6-month process, which is pretty quick.

More to come on what we end up doing with that land. We’re in a bit of a limbo spot right now. Lots to consider, mostly having to do with how we obtain the finances to build.


We had five groups of visitors come to us throughout the year. Meaning we got to go out and show them all of our favorite spots. And guess what, last year five groups of visitors throughout the year, this January/February we will have five groups within that two-month span!!! It’s going to be CRAZY!

The Daily On-Goings

Our day to day schedules are somewhat crazy. We have never been this busy in our lives, but now the girls’ extra-curricular activities keep us booked up. There’s dance class, and theatre, and two art classes, and aerial class. There are play dates and beach Sundays. There are birthday parties with too many pinatas.

The girls had more dance and theatre performances than I can count. This year they were super involved in everything artsy in the community.

Cultural Events and Costumes

I don’t know how many costumes I made this year but I am becoming quite crafty! Halloween, Day of the Dead, Revolution day, Christmas Kermes, school performances; there were many, and they all had their own costumes to be made. Our dress-up bag at home is quite large now!



I think this post has been more for me than anything. Looking back through all the pictures to remember everything that we did in 2019, I realize that it definitely was not a NOTHING year.

My desire to write comes and goes. Some days I feel like I have something worth sharing. And sometimes I will go for weeks feeling like our humdrum is not worth mentioning. Sometimes I feel that now that we are no longer live on a sailboat our story is not blog-worthy. But looking back, even without a sailboat to live on!, this last year we actually did a lot of fun things and maybe I should keep on typing.