Here is another awesome apparel brand using some of their profits to help yet another needy cause, stopping sex trafficking. Freedom Culture was founded by Cheryl. Doing good and Helping the World had been a dream, that for her, like many of us, got put on the back burner while the rest of life kept her busy. That was until she was educated on sex trafficking. She found it unbearable to imagine herself or her children being stuck in situation that an estimated 27-30 million people find themselves in today, and that is when she decided to make the dream a reality.
   At Freedom Culture they believe in making a positive change. They created a compassionate business model “Shop + Share” because they think that even when purchasing a fashionable item you can make a difference. Like they said, it is good to donate, picket, or throw a fundraiser, etc. but you are still going to want to purchase a new t-shirt, beautiful bracelet, or hoodie. With Shop + Share they combine our need for clothes with the needs of charities working in the sex trafficking field. With each purchase made a percentage of the profit gets given to one of those charities. 

   Not only is a percentage of their profits going to helping a good cause, but they also ensure that the clothes they are creating are being made in an environment that adheres to a code of social responsibility. Because of our global economy, it is not possible for them to make all of their clothes in North America, so they seek out to do business with foreign companies that are either WRAP or SA800 certified. Which in normal English means that these companies they are associated with have a quarterly inspection done to ensure that they are being responsible and upholding things like no forced labour, no child labour, proper working conditions, wages and compensation, freedom of association, and environmental protection. By holding them to a code of social responsibility they are elevating their business and improving the lives of the people they employ.
   This brand has something for everyone. You can feel good wearing their clothes, literally, they feel real nice, and you know that by wearing their clothes you are joining a culture of change. It’s a good culture to be a part of. We each have a couple of their tees and really like them. They are the right length, the right fit, comfy, and stylin’. Everything we love in good clothes. I especially love all of these “Shopping For A Cause” businesses that I am highlighting in this mini-series, because I think that what they are doing is amazing; creating a business and using some of their profit to make a positive change in our world, and making us fashionable too. Check out their website, educate yourself, and join the Freedomize Culture.

The girls wanted to get in on the fun!