Forget ocean world, forget paying $300 to swim with dolphins or pet the sting rays. Our girls did/do it all for free, and a very regular basis. (Arias actually came to call the stingrays her pets since she would go feed them daily and explain to other tourists how to handle the animals!) Tonight I found myself going through our old pictures and came across so many fun ones of this aquatic friendship. Here are a bunch of them, and a couple of videos, of the ocean creatures that our girls have had the privilege of playing with.

Arias has come to prove herself much braver than her Mama in many situations. And Ellia, well she seems to take a little more after me in this regard!

Starfish bigger than your head, Bahamas


Fishing in Miami


Swimming pigs, Staniel Key Bahamas
more starfish, the smaller kind
Giant turtles, Hawaii
Ellia’s first sea creature friend, Hawaii


Molting sea lion, Hawaii
Swimming with dolphins, Georgetown Bahamas
Feeding the stingrays, Georgetown Bahamas
More huge starfish, Bahamas
Helping pufferfish puff, Puerto Rico
Flying fish, flew right into our boat, Dominican Republic



 And then sometimes we make our own little sea creature friends!