Another sailing family that has now temporarily return to land life has dedicated part of their blog to highlighting other traveling families out there. A couple of weeks ago they contacted us to see if we would be interested in sharing our story in the form of a 30 minute-ish audio podcast. With their podcasts they hope to inspire and encourage families across the world to take the leap and not be afraid to travel with your little ones. We were glad to help and had a fun time talking with Eric, over skype, as we recorded our podcast.

   Check out their blog to read more about ours, and theirs, and many other traveling families traveling adventures, and if you have the time, listen to what we had to say in the podcast. Get a glimpse into the Why? What? Where? and Hows? of our lifestyle. 

   And since it’s a simple audio podcast you can have it playing in the background while you are working away on other projects.

   Here is the link to it: