on a sailboat you get used to living in tight quarters, and come to love it. No
more are the days of thinking that you need a house as big as your coworkers
and friends, just to keep up with the Jones’.
   Now we
live for the simplicity of it all. I like that I am always in close physical
proximity of my family, that I am always an ear shot away from my girls, and
the “forced” closeness that comes with this life. Many of our friends that have
visited the boat have said the words that make us shudder, “this is like
camping”, which we used to be offended by, but now I look at it differently. I
guess when you think about it in essence it is like camping; the small living
space, keeping tabs on water consumption, having a propane stove/oven, and all
the extra time you spend hanging out with your friends and family. It’s
something most people only do when they are on a camping vacation, but for us
it’s our daily.
   The past
couple of days we have spent in an apartment in a busier town. We are visiting
the town of Cabarete, and renting an apartment in a tropical hotel. It feels
somewhat odd but enticing to have space to walk around, to be in separate
rooms, to watch the baby toddle about, but that’s because it’s not our norm,
it’s a splurge. We delight in the possibilities that we normally don’t have on
our boat, such as hot showers, large living spaces, and a full size fridge. It
gets our brains reeling about whether we would want to buy something on land,
to return to being landlubbers, to what location that new home would be, to how
big it would be. I think no matter where we end up, if we become landlubbers
once again, the sailboat life will have rubbed off on us. I know now that our
dream home is not as large as we once believed it needed to be, and we would
most like continue living green in some ways (solar power, water consumption,
etc). But for now, the boat life is for us.
Cabarete: This town verges on a bit too touristy for me. Don’t get me wrong,
when traveling we love coming across towns every now and again where all the
amenities are available, plus some. Like here, we splurge on ice cream and
certain foods that we don’t usually cook up on the boat. We window shop, beach
comb, people watch, and sight see. Here there is plenty of that to do, but to
have tour guides and tourist souvenir shops bombarding the sidewalks becomes a
bit monotonous. There is constantly a woman around the corner wanting to braid
your hair or someone trying to rent you a scooter. If Cabarete could be once
step down from “too much tourism” then it would be ideal. There are the
mountains, the beaches, the amenities, and plenty of adventures to do in the
surroundings such as kite boarding, wind surfing, white water rafting, zip lining,
etc. ; it comes close to an ideal dream home possibility for us, but not quite.
We’ll keep searching.

Entrance to our Hotel/Apartment “Ali’s Surf Camp”

Dining Room/Kitchen with Bath and 1st Bedroom in back

2nd Bedroom

walkways to different cabanas

pool area

a little something for everyone, Cabarete calle Principale

Spanish meets Irish