It’s been a bit since I have posted pictures of the house progress, so here they are. I will go room by room and do my best to explain what you’re looking at.

First off, just so everyone knows, Eben is the creative brain behind all of this. He can see things in his head and create them in mock-ups, for me to then look over the options with him and let him know my preferences. We make a good team that way because I am very visual and need to see something before I can make a decision. (Pinterest has also been huge for me in this building process. Like right now, I have loads of pins of different concrete color options and finishes, so that I can narrow down “I like this one”.)

In the above picture, the front of our house, the entire front will be floor-to-ceiling glass doors, minus where you see concrete columns.


Master Bedroom

I stood where the sliding glass doors will be and took a picture into the room. We have a built-in concrete bed frame, with concrete side tables on both sides. Above the bed is a concrete shelf, half functional and half for the esthetics. To the left of the bed is the entrance to the ensuite master bathroom.


This is standing in the Master bathroom doorway looking out, to give you a peek at our closet.

Master Bathroom

Fully concrete counter and sink right as you walk into the bathroom. With a shelf underneath for storage. Above we will put a large mirror and light.


The toilet will go between the sink and that divider wall. Behind the wall for a full-body column shower. Inside the shower, on the far wall, is a seat and a nook (to hide our soaps and shampoos inside, so they are not visible when you walk in.


Living Room and Kitchen (open concept)


Standing in the doorway of our bedroom looking out into the living space this is what you see. The dining room table will go not far from where I am standing. Eben and Antonio are standing at the kitchen island, and the area to the right (where all this wood is piled up) is our living room. Behind Eben, to the left is our “front” door. This is how we will enter the house.


Our tv will go on the wall where that wood is resting. Next to it is built-in shelving for electronics (laptops, hdmi connection, modem, etc). The shelving to the left will be for linens and has a skinny barn-style sliding door that goes in front of it. From this spot, you can see down the hallway to the bathroom on the left and the office/guest room at the end.


The front of this entire area will be floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors.



This was Eben’s “baby” since he’s the chef in our family. The island has a bar so that we can sit and chat while he is cooking. Our stove will be recessed into that center hole in the island. Behind it will be cupboards, cupboards, dishwasher, and a sink. At the very end is the built-in space for the fridge with a cupboard above it, and another cupboard to the left of it.


The island will have drawers in those top two spaces and open shelving below those. The stove/oven go in the center. And on the far left is the garbage and compost bin, which we’ll have access to from the front, and from the top! That top spot is for a cutting board, that when done cutting you can lift/tilt and slide the waste directly into the bins below. There is also an ocean view when standing at the island looking out the front.


The sink has the window looking outside at the back staircase (I love it). But you can’t see it in this window because it was too bright out.



To the left of our “front” entrance is our pantry. It has A LOT of storage space with full-size and half-size shelves to be able to see everything in there.


Girls’ Bathroom

Another built-in concrete bathroom counter and sink. This one will have cupboards below the sink, and the shelving at the end, next to the toilet.


This is the open walk-in shower with a full-body column shower. The divider wall has a built-in cubby for the soaps to go.


Office/Spare room/Workout room

This room has the connections for a tv on the left wall. It also has that indent in the wall I’m facing for the sliding door to slide into when the doorway is open.


Girls’ Bedroom

The girls’ room has a closet with the same shelving as the Master bedroom. The front of the room also has large sliding glass doors.

Opposite the girls’ bedroom door is the doorway to the bathroom.


The Back Hallway/ Entrance / Floating Staircase to the Rooftop Terrace


There is something I love so much about this area. The lines, the shadows, the uniqueness of it. The floating stairs are on our retaining wall and we have that bridge at the top of the stairs to get onto the rooftop.


And when the sun hits the floating stairs at just the right angle, the shadows it creates are art in themselves.


The Rooftop Terrace / Outdoor Kitchen / Hot Tub

Coming up the stairs you have the hot tub on the far right-hand side, and opposite the hot tub is our outdoor “kitchen”. It has a sink, bbq, and possibly a mini-fridge. Sorry they’re covered up in the pic, but they had just done the pulido (polished) concrete and it needed to be shaded. On the wall there is the water drainage for the rooftop, the air vent for our kitchen hood vent, and at the back you can see a shelf that we built to put the air-conditioning units.


Our bridge.

The hot tub has a bar/seating area that runs along the side edge, and beneath it will be cupboards to hide the hot tub heater and water pump.

There will be a pergola over the hot tub + kitchen area. And we are thinking we may add a dining table centrally.


The rooftop has a lot of space, so we are throwing around ideas as to how to use it, or leave it open.


Hot Tub

These are from a few days prior, before they had started the pulido work.

Before they could pulido they had to check for any leaks, so they filled the hot tub with water. Eben and I couldn’t resist hopping in!


That’s the smile of, “I can’t believe it babe, we’re doing it!!!!” excitement!

That’s where our build is currently at. Can’t wait to do another one of these in a month and seeing all that progress!