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Remember about a year ago when we reached out for your input on what our next adventure should be? We have come full circle and are back at the same point in our lives, but this time we are taking some BIG steps in a new direction.


Eben and I have been finding ourselves at a loss when it comes to our lives. Most of that is due to our lack of direction, we just seem to be floating amongst island to island. That may sound lovely, but without some sort of purpose (and having been sailing for 6+ years) it can become much of the same. We feel extremely fortunate for where we are, but that doesn’t stop the fact that there is still an emptiness.

Eben has always had the desire to own his own business. He is a man of many trades but none of those have brought him the fulfillment he seeks, and none of them are a business that could one day make us residual income as we bounce around the world. He wants to create something, own something, have something of his own.

For a few weeks now we have had a pen and paper hanging on our bedroom door. Here we jotted down any and all ideas/desires for our future, no matter how far fetched they are. We were looking for a common thread, something to lead us in a direction. We have everything from go live in the Philippines, to start a boutique hotel in Mexico. The adventure ideas were not lacking!

After avoiding the reality of the topic for quite some time, for lack of words, lack of concrete ideas, and simply feeling overwhelmed with all of this, we had a few talks and came to the point of thinking that maybe our time on Necesse has come to an end. Of course the thought of that came with a lot of objections from the both of us! Why sell the boat when it has been home for so long? Do we really want to be done with this lifestyle? How long will this process take? Is this completely foolish?

As you can see, those questions all have one connection, FEAR. As the quote goes:


It is time to let go of the security blanket, which happens to be our sailboat. It is time to pursue some of our other crazy plans and see where they lead us. Does this mean the end of our sailing lifestyle? Probably not; I doubt we would ever be able to fully let go of the lifestyle. But the reality is that we are not made of money, while we pursue any other adventure, the expenses of storing a boat, and the anxiety that comes from having an unattended boat, are just too much. Eben also keeps throwing around the word “Catamaran”, so there may very well be a return to sea in our futures. 

For now, life may be taking us in a new direction. A direction unknown, and that is very exciting in itself.


Have you been dreaming about the sailing lifestyle but just been needing that extra little nudge to get you there? Have you been wanting a floating home to take you to destinations more tropical? Well it just so happens we have the boat for you! 

For years now we have been chronicling our life on this boat via the blog and social media. I don’t think there is an inch of it that hasn’t been photographed or written about. We have loved this boat, built-up this boat, made a home of this boat, and want to hand her over to someone(s) who would feel the same way about her.

Please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this post. The more eyes that see it, the more likely we are to start our next adventures sooner rather than later!

If you, or someone you know, are interested in getting details, send us an email ( and we can chat some more about it.