Some of you may have noticed that I have been a little more absent than usual while back in Canada. I can blame that on a few different things, me solo-parenting for a month (who has time for blogging when you’re chasing after two kids), we’ve been non-stop visiting with all of our family and friends, and reuniting with Eben and making up for missed time. I have been “doing” rather than spending time in front of the computer. But the main reason I have not sat down and typed anything out in a while is because we have been doing a lot of debating, AGAIN!

Remember a few months back when I put it out there, asking for opinions, to help choose our next adventure? Well even though we THOUGHT we had made up our minds and were extremely happy with our decision, spending time in Canada opened our eyes to a few things, like how much we enjoy spending time with our friends and family there, how nice it is to send the kids outside and say “go play”, and how, even though many feel sailing is a crazy adventure, after 6 years of sailing this adventure is burning brighter right now because we have grown accustomed to sailboat life. And this is new and exciting and we are drawn to that like bugs to a blue light!



The cousins playing dressup on the land. Check out that backdrop.


We were back to the drawing board. Literally, notepads in hand, pros and cons lists, options, and bank statements. We were sussing through it all. We were looking at starting a new adventure, building an Eco Home, on the family property in the Rocky Mountains of Golden, B.C. It was exciting, it’s new, it’s an adventure we have never tackled, it was a BIG decision for us, and it was scary.

One thing we always tell our friends is “If there is something you REALLY want to be doing, dive in and do it. Don’t wait because we don’t know what the future may bring”. And as cheesy as that may sound, it’s true. And we’re not trying to be morbid or downers, we’re not talking about future accidental death or accident that causes you to think, “I should’ve done it earlier”, we’re talking about even the minor changes, such as another path may present itself leaving this current desire in the dust…like getting pregnant, or running out of money, or just sailing off in a completely opposite direction. If you have the urge (and the means, or even without the means if you can figure those out after), go do it. We figured, we can’t preach it but not act on it, so we dove in. Eben and I are used to flying by the seat of our pants and like we told his brother, until we commit to something we are maybe 40% considering it (meaning we keep ALL our options open), but once we have committed to it we are IN 110%. 




Eben’s family has a beautiful plot of 72 acres in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Golden, B.C. We have purchased a chunk of the property on the Family Land and are planning on building an Eco Home there. We are not naive as to where we stand financially, or where we stand physically (in a country that is getting colder by the day!) and so we had to put the ball in motion quick.



Our Boat Baby being a Woodland Princess


This is what we are up to and what we are foreseeing for the near future.


-Yesterday we dropped Eben off at the airport to head back to our sailboat in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. He will be back there for about a month, finishing some projects and packing up the boat properly as she will be all alone for a couple of months during hurricane season (stressful). During this time the girls and I are staying with friends in Beaumont, AB. I will be doing A LOT of time online trying to line everything up that we will need for the build so that when Eben gets back we can hit the ground running.

-When Eben gets back sometime in September we will head to our new little chunk of land in Golden and start knocking down trees and clearing the spot where we want to build our home. We will work on building said home for about 2 months, or until it gets unbearably cold for us at which point we will have to see if A) is the home winterized enough to spend a winter living it, or B) should we return to the sailboat for the winter where we can stay warm and do a few more boat projects. Right now, looking at timelines and our bank account, it seems that option B is the more likely of the two, but we will see when that time comes.

-If we choose plan A then we will live in the Eco Home for the winter and continue building from the inside. If we choose plan B then we will go back to the sailboat and then return to building our mountain home in the Spring.



In our heads right now we are picturing using a shipping container as the back wall of our 1st floor, which will then have a tire wall semi-circle shooting off the front, and plopping a yurt on top of that to created a 2nd floor. This may seem crazy and confused, but like I said, we are still in the creative phase! We are going to put all of Eben’s experience in rebuilding a boat, renovating homes, engineering, and creativity to the test…and I will be the brute force!



This is not our build site, this is my brother-in-law’s and his family’s. We are stealing the sea-container and tire walls from them!


We’re super excited about our new adventure. We are in the design phase and are overwhelmed with different ideas and options, but in a fun way. We see a lot of our desires having a huge similarity to how we have been living on the boat, small footprint, solar powered, water-conservation, non-traditional, living in the elements (ocean vs deep woods), eco home. We know many of our learned skills from rebuilding a sailboat and living on one for so long will easily transfer over to this lifestyle and help us with our building plans.



This is where we plan to build our home.



And that mountain, framed by the spruce trees, will our view from our balcony.


We’re also excited that starting this dream does not mean ending our other one, of sailing. We will be keeping Necesse, for the time being, and hopefully getting to see her and sail her again quite soon. (Eben has now made it to St Thomas and is getting settled back in). With Plan B, we could be back on the water in a few months and enjoying the calm sailing of the end hurricane season in the Virgin Islands.


Being that we are still at the drawing board for this new home, we are completely open to suggestions, ideas, opinions and expertise. We are aiming for an eco-friendly home with a small footprint. If you will happen to be in the Golden BC area in Sept-Nov. and want to get your hands dirty I am sure we could use the help! If you will be in the VIs November-March we could also meet up there on our floating home! And if you are nowhere near us, we could still use the moral support, excitement, and ideas you may have to keep this adventure of ours moving in the right direction.